Nerd time: Easter Eggs Google – Do a barrel roll

Eric Methivier

Hi everyone. This is our new section: “Nerd time”. Do not ask how you go get smarter, cause you will not.
But, it will certainly make you smile. And each time a friend come over your desktop, you will have something to show.

By the way, some of you must be wondering what is the meaning of “Easter Eggs Google”. It’s just jokes programmed by developers at Google. Basically it’s useless, but is very funny.

So on a Google page, type the following expression: “Do a barrel roll”

Do a barrel roll on Google

You will recognize the wink to the famous Nintendo Game: Star Fox.

Eric Methivier
Eric Methivier

Eric's from France and graduated from Toulouse ICD Business School and is a three-year veteran in the world of web product managing. Around the office he is the undisputed king of all things SEO, SEM and SMO. He's got a knack for design as well and is a master-level photoshopper. He speaks fluent French, English and some Mandarin.After-hours he's into photography, reading, and traveling throughout Asia, he likes to meet people from other cultures and explore faraway lands. Try to imagine a French, web developing, graphic designing, Indiana Jones.

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