An easy way to understand Google Panda

Eric Methivier

Unless your SEO manager has been buried in a cave since last year, you must already know about the famous Google Panda update. But what is Panda exactly?

Yeah, it’s an animal… a lazy one… but in Google terms, Panda is more a quality filter on search results, than a bear fond of bamboo. Indeed, Google decided to remove non-relevant content / website from his database. To reach this goal, Panda filter was release last year, and don’t stop being update.

SingleGrain got the brilliant idea to summarize Panda impact through a graphic. Here are the main ideas (this is criteria assumed that Panda could sanction):

  • Low amount of original content on your site
  • Low quality inbound links
  • Low Time on site / time on page
  • Duplicate Content
  • High Bounce rate
  • Too much advertising on a same page
  • Unnatural redaction
An easy way to understand Google Panda
More information on their official website:

Eric Methivier
Eric Methivier

Eric's from France and graduated from Toulouse ICD Business School and is a three-year veteran in the world of web product managing. Around the office he is the undisputed king of all things SEO, SEM and SMO. He's got a knack for design as well and is a master-level photoshopper. He speaks fluent French, English and some Mandarin.After-hours he's into photography, reading, and traveling throughout Asia, he likes to meet people from other cultures and explore faraway lands. Try to imagine a French, web developing, graphic designing, Indiana Jones.

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